Aseptic Sampling

Since 1983, Aptar CSP has been a trusted provider of packaging solutions to customers in the Dairy industry. Aptar CSP revolutionized the industry with its air-tight vials for milk sampling.

More recently, we have developed an aseptic system for dairy sampling that exists within a closed environment and never exposes the product to outside contaminants.

Today, Aptar CSP provides products for the Dairy, Brewing, Food & Beverage, Wineries, and Pharmaceutical/Biotech industries, that assure aseptic fluid access allowing for sample collection and storage without the risk of product contamination.


  • Reduce contamination risk
  • FDA approved raw materials
  • Sterilized in compliance with ISO 11135-1:2014 and applicable federal and state regulations
  • Containers feature tamper evident
  • Septum designed with multi-shot injection molding technology to assure no port-to-port product sample contamination.


  • General laboratory one piece leak tight containers
  • Tamper evident / chain of custody
  • Aseptic sampling devices
  • Aseptic sampling containers